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The pictures of an amplifier named NOSTALGY give evidence that the firm isn´t interested in transistorized amplifiers only. This new amplifier has a new mark PetÝík and evokes the era of beautiful warmth and shine of tubes.

  The amplifier is being produced and contains two 800 W triodes RD 200b, two 8 kV rectifying diodes, a 2 kVA feeding toroidal transformer and two output toroidal transformers. The presupposed power in the Class A would be as much as 2 x 100 W. There will probably be the possibility to switch over to a quarter of its power because of a longer service life of the tubes.

 The amplifier is made of materials with a long service life and a resistance such as aluminium casts, cut stainless steel, cut and elox aluminium and 15 mm glass.