The model Ramsess is for customers with the highest demands. The model is on the picture. Its proportions ( 65 x 45 x 45 cm ) and its weight (80kg) imply that the electrical parameters are not insignificant.

  The presupposed output power in the pure Class A will be around 2 x 60 W, his output power with a continuous transititon to the Class AB will be more as 2 x 150 W.

 A feeding toroidal 1,000 VA transformer is placed separately at the bottom of the middle part and is even covered with a circular cast with ventilating openings because of disturbing fields which are caused by the big quiescent current even in a state without the signal. All the middle bottom part contains every output power and non-output power feeding sources. The feeding voltage for circuits of a voltage adjustment  of the signal, which are placed in the upper opticaly and constructively separated part, is led by a tube in the middle.