On above-mentioned picture is again one of "big" amplifier working into achievement 2 x 50 W / / 8 Ω in class A and into achievement 2 x 120 W in class AB.

  It is made in DUAL-MONO and again thoroughly symmetrical wiring. The incoming unsymmetric  signal is  translated  on symmetrical signal and in this forms is processed on output.

Power supply contains two 450VA toroidal transformators, exterminatory capacity of achievement parts is 264 000  µF.

  Amplifer has 16 output power transistor , loudness regulator is controller with "cosmic" resistors Vishay. Binding posts WBT illustrate uncompromise constructional resolution.

  Construction from 10 mm strong brushed Al warrants resistance against  mechanical negative influence and helps to steady heat removal.         

  Quiescent power drain 320W without signal is the same how in Model ACCUPHASE A50.

  On picture S_Monster1a is a look inside amplifier,where voltage, output power and supply parts are separated.