There are three new TOWERS and the Silver Monster 2 on this picture.

  The tower on the left is a future amplifier with a presupposed power 2 x 20 W in the Class A and   2 x 40 W in the Class AB.  The massive framework is made of stainless steel, a cut elox black aluminium profile and a 3 mm steel plate.

  The next tower named GOLD WAVE is a beautiful combination of a cut gold panel in a shape of a wave and side parts which are made of massive teak. Except of a key, which is the switch, a volume regulator and signs nothing else disturb the beauty of the shape and  material.

  This amplifier can work as the previous one or its power can be to 2 x 40 W in the pure Class A.

  The amplifier next to the Gold Wave is in a retrospective style. A more detailed view is on the bottom picture. The front part has wooden sides and there are circuits of an active signal elaboration, a volume regulator ALPS and refrigerators only.

  The amplifier is a pure audiophile performance again with the shortest signal ways.  The feeding ransformer is placed in a special cast iron chest at the back. Beautiful 2 x 100,000 F condensers and gilt loudspeaker terminals are in the middle. The presupposed performance is 40 W in the Class A.